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home roofed by Red Top Roofing in ChattanoogaRed Top Roofing is a leading Chattanooga roofing contractor dedicated to quality workmanship and customer service. We serve the greater Chattanooga area and north Georgia. Red Top Roofing has provided many residential and light commercial customers many years of service through the quality workmanship and service. We offer warranties and only the best products to guarantee your satisfaction. In addition to roof repair or replacement in Chattanooga we offer: siding, windows & doors, insulation and gutters and protectors.

Call us today to find out why so many Chattanooga residents have used and recommend Red Top Roofing. Let us show you why we became one of Chattanooga’s outstanding residential and light commercial roofing contractors.

Call Now – (423) 838-2885 when you’re looking for Roofing Companies in Chattanooga TN Red Top Roofing has the experience to provide the quality you need. Red Top is considered one of the best roofers in Chattanooga TN. We are licensed, insured, and affordable and have reputable roofing specialists in roof replacement and roof repair in Chattanooga and the greater Chattanooga area.

Red Top Roofing is a family owned and operated business serving Chattanooga and a roofing company you can depend on. We provide asphalt shingle and metal roofing in Chattanooga.

Insurance Claims

Storms & Insurance Claims

large storm with lightningStorm damage needs responsive and reliable people. Our services are available 24 hours. While Red Top Roofing has 15 years replacing all types of residential roofs and many light commercial, in the Chattanooga area, our specialty is in insurance related roof repair and replacement. We know that after a major storm when you think there may be damage having a: timely, reliable, and personal response is important to your peace of mind. That is why we are prepared 24 hour a day to respond, as soon as the storm passes, to provide immediate service night or day. When there is damage to the roof the possibility of injury or even death goes up in relation to the damage. That is why it is so important to have experienced and insured people with the proper equipment and supplies prepared to inspect and record the damage and protect you from further damage.

Insurance Specialists to handle the headaches of dealing with insurance companies.

If you’re looking for a roof replacement or repair because of storm damage or anything that may involve your insurance company you need to call Red Top Roofing at (423) 838-2885 because we have insurance specialists that will handle all the insurance headaches for you as well as provide a quality roof and great customer service. Insurance companies actually like working with Red Top Roofing because they know we have experienced insurance specialists that know what they are looking for but at the same time have your best interest at heart. Like your doctor’s office that will usually handle the insurance issues for you Red Top knows what to look for and what to do to protect the owner as well as collect the information insurance companies need.

Your first response should be to call Red Top Roofing at (423) 838-2885. If there has been a major storm affecting your home it has also impacted many others in the area and all related resources will be taxed for some time. Your first action should be to call Red Top Roofing at (423) 838-2885. Often times an owner risks injury and even their life going on the roof, often just because they don’t have a tall enough ladder, and will wait days for a claims adjuster and then the claims adjuster will advise them to get a quote from a roofer. If they had called Red Top Roofing, at (423) 838-2885, we would have and experienced and insured roof specialist respond that has the proper equipment and supplies, on hand, go up and inspect and record the damage then protect the area needed. We also know the related suppliers, such as tree removal and clean-up companies that are also responsive and reliable. Simply that will put you way ahead because you have an experienced third party that has pictures and preliminary reports that will advise the insurance company of the situation ensuring that a claims adjuster is truly needed. If there is a problem with the insurance company Red Top Roofing knows the engineering firms in the area that are respected in the Chattanooga area and offer the best available results.

Picking a Roofing Company

Tips on picking a roofing company in Chattanooga.

picture of home with new roofWhat should I expect for costs from roofing companies in Chattanooga?

Every job is different and only an estimate from a professional roofing inspector will get an accurate cost of a new roof. It is important to ensure the same standards are used in all estimates otherwise you’re comparing apples to oranges. There are some basics that you need to keep in mind:

Does Red Top Roofing charge of an estimate?

Chattanooga roofing contractors seldom charge for an estimate and Red Top Roofing never charges for an estimate.

Quality, Service & Affordable Pricing

Red Top never tries to be the low price because we all know that, within reason; we get what we pay for. Sometimes the highest can be worth the extra money but unless there is a substantial difference in the specifications it is likely padding. We wish that most prospects would throw out the high and low estimate and then look at the quality and service toughs in the middle offer. In the end the quality and service is what you’re truly paying for and that is what you will remember years down the road. Red Top Roofing is a leading Chattanooga Tennessee roofer committed to quality and service at affordable pricing.